About Sam

Sam Smith Shooting Skylight, Hostel Fish, Denver - Photo by Michael Pecaut

Sam Smith Shooting Skylight, Hostel Fish, Denver – Photo by Michael Pecaut

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m a photographer and digital photoartist living and working in Denver.

As you can see from the galleries, I’m drawn to a range of subject matter, although my eye is mostly attracted to “the machine and the garden.” On the one hand, I’m fascinated by technology and design, by the things people make – cars, trains, buildings, art, neon – and the culture that surrounds creativity and engineering. The portfolio will also make clear my love of flora, especially the minute detail revealed by my macro lens.

Of course, living in the West, it’s also nearly impossible not to feel an urge to shoot the grand landscapes surrounding me.

My interest in technology isn’t just limited to its function as a subject – I’m also deeply committed to its role in the production of photography and photoart. If you’ve looked through the galleries it’s evident that I’m not a realist. I know some wonderful shooters who dedicate themselves to a more documentary/journalistic approach to the craft, but I’m more concerned with photography as art, and to that end I employ a wide array of processing software in an attempt to reproduce the pictures in my head for the audience.

I understand the realities of being a photographer. In a world where so many talented people are shooting absolutely everything, I’m unlikely to ever capture something thousands of people didn’t get to already, so I try and make best use of perspective. I’ve always been a tad off-kilter in how I see and think about the world, and my best work is often the result of seeing the subject in a slightly different way.

I hope you enjoy it. If you have questions or comments, please hit the Contact link above.